3-5 October 2013
Asia/Calcutta timezone
CHEP is organising a three day conference/workshop on Status of Supersymmetry and Dark Matter from Oct 3-5. First two days will be concentrated on Supersymmetry while the last day will be on Dark Matter.

Topics to be covered include:
SUSY Experimental Status (LHC)
SUSY Experimental Status (Indirect, Flavour)
Status of Constrained models Status of SUSY GUTS 
SUSY theory : Developments 
New SUSY breaking models
SUSY Higgs Status
Results from PAMELA, FERMI and AMS
Status of Direct Experiments
Status of Indirect Experiments
Effective theories of Dark Matter
New models of Dark Matter
Status of SUSY DM, KK DM etc..
Inflation, Cosmology implications etc.

Dates: from 03 October 2013 06:00 to 05 October 2013 23:30
Timezone: Asia/Calcutta
Location: Auditorium
New Physical Sciences Building, Indian Institute of Science
Additional info:
Organizing Committee:

B. Ananthanarayan 
U. Chattopadhyay 
Rohini Godbole
Subhendra Mohanty 
Sudhir Vempati 

Local Organization 

Jayita Lahiri
Arun Prasath
Debtosh Chowdhury
V. Suryanarayana Mummidi